Job Manager

Job Manager is a powerful suite of financial management tools that enable users to accurately create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs, quickly generate on-demand reporting and invoices, and share information with industry leading accounting systems.

Quickly Create Estimates & Proposals

Job Manager provides a simple interface for quickly creating cost estimates, billing quotes or proposals. Estimates and proposals are based upon predefined cost and price lists, making the process easy and repeatable. Estimate templates may be duplicated to speed creation of standard job types.

Track, Measure, and Tune

Job Manager’s integrated data collection tools allow creative or production workgroups to unobtrusively record their daily activities and expenses. Easy-to-understand, common-sense reporting enables managers to quickly measure productivity and barriers to efficiency, providing the information necessary to make informed decisions on how to improve business processes and reduce expenses.

Automate Invoicing

Job Manager’s invoicing capability was designed for the diversity the graphic arts industry requires and the detail its customers want. Partial or complete invoices are supported along with optional automatic time and materials billing.

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